CBD has become an extremely popular topic in the world of natural supplements over the course of the last few years. Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids from the hemp plant can be extracted in different ways – minimally processed to highly processed and isolated. Hemp also has an extremely strong ability to abosorb minerals and toxins from the soil in which it is grown, so it is important to consider the following questions when searching for a high-quality CBD product.

1. Where is the hemp sourced and is it grown organically?

When you are putting supplements in your body it is important to know where the ingredients were sourced and how they were grown. There are some companies importing hemp products from China and other foreign countries with lesser standards than the industry is held to in the USA. For most, it is important to know where the product you are consuming is coming from to ensure the highest standards and quality possible. Organic farming practices are essential to a contaminant-free product where there are no pesticides or herbicides present in the final product.

2. Are lab tests available for the products you are purchasing?

The purity of your CBD products is vital. Contaminants can ruin the effectiveness of a product and put you at risk of toxic consumption. Before you purchase CBD oil from any source, you need to ensure that it is free of mold, bacteria, pesticides, and heavy metals. Hemp is a plant that has a strong ability to pull toxins and heavy metals from the soil in which it is grown, so lab testing for heavy metals and bacteria/microbials is important. A certificate of analysis (COA) shows data on the product via lab tests and help you make an informed decision about the products you are purchasing. You can find a certificate of analysis for Primary Jane products on our Lab Results page.

3. Is it a full spectrum product?

A CBD oil that is labeled “full spectrum” is going to have all of the synergstic cannabinoids from the original plant, as well as terpenes and other natural molecules. This full-spectrum approach is preferable to the isolate form of CBD (pure CBD with nothing else). There was a time that it was believed that CBD isolate was a superior product, but a 2015 research study published online by Scientific Research Publishing showed that the isolate claim was incorrect and a full or broad spectrum oil is more effective in most cases.

4. What other ingredients are in the product?

Your CBD product should have “other ingredients” listed below or near the supplement facts. This is a necessary and important part to consider when searching for a product. Each of the other ingredients should have a specific purpose, whether it’s making the product easier for your body to absorb, enhanced effects, or for better taste (naturally). At Primary Jane, we carefully extract, keeping natural flavonoids, molecules and terpenes in our hemp oil, keeping the product true to its natural state.