15%-25% Commission for Primary Jane affiliates


45 day cookie/monthly payouts

Get paid monthly when account balance crosses $50 mark. Cookie duration of 45 days on all of your referral orders.


Promote with confidence. All PJ products are made from premium American hemp and lab tested for elite quality and consistency. 


We offer 15-25% performance-based commissions for affiliates. All affiliates are granted a unique 10% off code to promote with. 





STEP 1: Submit a new partner/affiliate form

STEP 2: Wait 1-2 business days to be accepted

STEP 3: Promote using your link and/or promo code

STEP 4: Start earning commissions!


Register as Affiliate


Your username.

Account Email

Your primary email, used for logging in.


Your primary password, used for logging in.

Your account will need to be approved before you can earn Referrals. You'll receive an email once it's approved.


How will I get paid?

As long as your current affiliate earnings are over $50, you’ll be paid monthly.

You will need to have an existing paypal account or create one in order for us to pay you.

How long does it take to be approved for a new account?

We will normally approve new accounts within 2 business days. If you are waiting longer than 4 business days please email us or call to make sure there has not been a deliverability issue with your application.

How do I promote and what is the commission?

We will provide you with ad banners and links for your website or social posts/accounts in the “Creatives” within your affiliate account. Our current affiliates use youtube, instagram, facebook, and other means by which to promote our brand to their following.

All affiliates start at 15% commission with the opportunity to advance to 25% based on performance over time. Each affiliate will receive a 10% off code to promote to their following.

What is the best way to generate sales?

The most effective promotion usually come from UGC (user generated content): Real video or photo reviews showing yourself and the product, stating why you love it, etc. Promote Primary Jane to your following, friends, and family! When they see how much you enjoy and benefit from Primary Jane products, the sales will come. Authentic review videos and photos are usually the best way to show your love for Primary Jane. We have found that promoting on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Reddit, Discord, etc. can bring great return.

When a customer visits our website from your affiliate link or promo code and makes a purchase, a commission will be generated and added to your account. Your unique discount code will encourage sales through you via consumer savings.

How do I view my affiliate account dashboard?

Your affiliate account dashboard will become visible on this page once you login to your affiliate account above. Contact us if you are having any issues at

Do I need to have a website?

No, you can still become an affiliate and send your CBD affiliate program partner link or promo code in emails and post on Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit and other social platforms. Some affiliates may want to do a short youtube video on the products and post their link at bottom of the video. If you wish to discuss obtaining some free product for your video review, please email or call us.

Do I have to buy and stock products?

With this CBD affiliate program you DO NOT have to purchase and resell anything. The way you get paid a commission is from referrals through your affiliate link (or discount code). We do all order fulfillment here at our facility. We also have Wholesale Program which does involve purchasing and reselling and is perfect for vape shops, small gyms, personal trainers, chiropractors, massage therapists, nutrition and wellness shops, etc. However, affiliates will not recieve commissions for any wholesale order.

How do I sign up?

Apply for a new affiliate account by filling out the sign up form above.