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5 Ways Our Solar and Lunar CBD Gummies are the best

By Jeffrey M.

Jun 4, 2021

One of the most common and enjoyable ways to take CBD is in the form of gummies and the best CBD gummies available are sold here at Primary Jane! Here are 5 ways that Solar and Lunar CBD gummies are different than all the rest.

1) Solar and Lunar CBD gummies provide around the clock benefits.

Unlike other medicinal products in this range of medicine, Solar and Lunar CBD gummies have been tailored to give you the best experience possible and include ingredients that help with pain management. 

Lunar gummies are enhanced with melatonin, chamomile and CBN. Chamomile has been used for its calming effects to help with sleep for thousands of years, while melatonin is the natural chemical that your body produces when you become tired in order to fall asleep. Together, they make for a wonderfully relaxing combination to help combat restlessness and insomnia throughout the night. 

CBN is the abbreviation for cannabinol, a non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that has been proven as a natural and effective sleep aid. Together, chamomile, melatonin, CBD and CBN provide total mind and body relaxation that will help you sleep better than ever before. 

Solar gummies are enhanced with energy boosting ingredients. These include: B12, gingko biloba, ginseng, vitamin C and zinc. This amazing combination of natural ingredients not only gives your body a boost of energy, but they promote better focus as well as healthy, immune supporting properties.

2) These gummies are made with healthy, vegan friendly and gluten free ingredients.

Most CBD gummies are made using gelatin, which is an animal product that is not vegan or vegetarian friendly. Lunar and Solar CBD gummies, on the other hand, are made using pectin, a vegan friendly ingredient. As if this wasn’t good enough, Lunar and Solar gummies ingredients are also gluten free. 

This is quite different from the usual CBD gummy. Commonly, gummies are made with gelatin, which is an animal product, in order to make them chewy, as well as many grams of sugar to make them sweet. This adds on calories and as we all know, consuming higher amounts of calories than necessary is not always the healthiest choice. 

With Primary Jane Solar and Lunar CBD gummies, you not only get vegan friendly ingredients, but you are consuming less sugar and calories than the average gummy. They are made with real fruit juice concentrate, which makes it possible for them to be large 5 gram gummies with only 11 calories and 3 grams of sugar each. Truly a pioneer in the CBD gummy revolution.

3) Solar and Lunar gummies are infused (not sprayed) with 25 mg of full spectrum CBD per gummy.

Most CBD gummies are sprayed with CBD in order to get the product out on the shelves quicker with less focus on accuracy. When a gummy is sprayed with cannabidiol instead of infused then the milligram count is not usually correct. When you are paying money to ease your pain and relax it is important that you get what you are paying for. Different milligram counts of CBD on a product do make a large difference in what the gummy does for your mind and body. 

With Solar and Lunar gummies from Primary Jane you are getting what you pay for. A top quality, highly effective product that guarantees you 25 mg of CBD per gummy. This means that you can know what to expect because the product will deliver on its promises and can be trusted as opposed to other CBD gummies that really can’t do that, as they are sprayed and coated with whatever amount of CBD that came out of the bottle in one spritz. 

This is just another way that Solar and Lunar gummies from Primary Jane delivers on high quality, natural, vegan and gluten free ingredients with medicinal effects that you can rely on. 

4) Not only is this product 3rd party lab tested…

But Primary Jane has made it so you can view lab results in just ONE CLICK.

CBD companies are not required by law to have their products tested by an unbiased source. 3rd party testing is something that only the leading industries participate in. Primary Jane uses 3rd party testing in order to have an unbiased analysis performed on their CBD gummies. They do this so that customers have no doubt in the quality, potency and purity of their products.

Not only does Primary Jane take this extra step in ensuring that their CBD gummies are better than the rest, but they post the link to their lab results under the product description on their website in order to make this information available to anyone with one click. 

5) Customers love and swear by it.

Solar and Lunar CBD gummies have helped many people so far to conquer their ailments naturally and effectively. Here are some things that customers are saying:

“CBD gummies work great, I am able to sleep through the night now. Thank you.”-Sara B’s 5 Star Review.

“Feel clear and ready to tackle the day. Much clearer focus and less feelings of anxiety, plus less soreness in my joints. Love these gummies, highly recommend!”-Tenley G’s 5 Star Review

Feeling is believing, so give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful effects of Solar and Lunar CBD gummies from Primary Jane today!



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