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CBD edibles are sweeping the market as a delicious and easy way to consume CBD. At Primary Jane, we love full spectrum CBD gummies as a way to unwind after a long day or take your daily dose of CBD on the go during the day. Our day and night formulas provide the effects you need, when you need them.
But not all edibles are created equal. Many companies cut corners by using low-quality hemp and harsh extraction methods, resulting in subpar products with little to no actual CBD content.

At Primary Jane, we source our hemp from organic farms across the USA and use clean extraction methods and accredited laboratories to test our products. Our third-party lab tests ensure that every batch of edibles contains the advertised amount of CBD.
Try our delicious day & night full spectrum CBD gummies for yourself and experience the difference.

Looking for the power of a CBD edible in an alternative form? We also offer CBD honey dust and CBD electrolyte drink powders.

The Benefits of CBD Edibles Products

Hemp edibles offer a unique set of benefits. First, they provide a pre-measured dose ensuring consistent and accurate dosing every time. Secondly, they offer longer-lasting effects as the CBD is slowly released into the bloodstream through digestion.

Whether you’re looking for nighttime CBD gummies to support a healthy sleep routine or want to try our CBD honey dust to boost your general wellness, Primary Jane offers high-quality options for every lifestyle.

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