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Trust your Primary Jane CBD orders will be consistent and reliable with third party testing.

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Promote with confidence knowing all PJ products are made from premium American hemp .

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Sell with confidence knowing Primary Jane is grown with care in a 100% natural environment.

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Primary Jane Wholesale CBD FAQ:

Where can I view the affiliate control panel?

After you sign up and recieve a confirmation e-mail from us about your active affiliate account, you will need to log into our website via the “My Account” page, or at the link in the top paragraph of this page. Once logged in, navigate to this “Affiliate” page. The control panel displaying your sales info, promotional banners, your URL to promote with, etc. should actually appear just below the Affiliate Marketing image/info above. Contact us if you are having any issues! PLEASE E-MAIL US AFTER YOU ARE APPROVED FOR YOUR ACCOUNT TO CONFIRM THAT YOUR UNIQUE AFFILIATE PROMO CODE IS ACTIVATED AND CONNECTED TO YOUR ACCOUNT.

How do I generate sales?

Once people that you know see how much you enjoy and benefit from Primary Jane products it’s easy for them to start making purchases. We have found that networking socially on Instagram and Facebook brings great return. By simply posting your affiliate link with a picture of a Primary Jane product, or yourself using a product, people will be curious and ask questions. Once they visit the site from your affiliate link and make purchases, you will begin generating commissions. We also offer HIGHLY BENEFICIAL discount codes to all of our affiliates. Your customers will want to buy through you because of the 15%-20% discount you are providing them! You will choose your own affiliate promo code when registering as an affiliate. If the code needs to be adjusted we will email you. 


Is there an opportunity to make even more money?

Affiliates who begin generating over $1,000 per month in sales are entitled to a commission raise and a promotional discount code. Please contact us via email or phone if you notice you have crossed that threshold. If you are an affiliate of other CBD companies or other brands of product and have web traffic or other metrics that you would like to share with us that prove your initial commission should be higher than the starting 15% base, please voice this at the time of applying. You can call or email us after filling out the affiliate application to discuss the details. We are open to working with all affiliates who we deem valuable by granting a generous commission for promotional services.

How do I sign up?

Submit a new partner/affiliate form using the button above.

“Primary Jane is a staple in our store. You can really tell this is an artisan CBD company by the quality of their products.”


— Kyle Black | 7 Chakras Co. | Wilmington, MA

“Our customers love the effects of Primary Jane’s VITALIZE tincture, and all of the natural flavors available. They make us feel as though they really care about doing business with us, and we are not just another number.


— Sandra Kattar | Humble Healings | Haverhill, MA

“Our customers LOVE the smell, the flavor and effects of the Primary Jane CBD vape cartridges! In this wild west world of cannabis products, we are very thankful to have a company like Primary Jane that we can trust in ensuring our customers get the best products available on the market. Very quick and efficient sales and shipping with incredible customer care service.”


Stevie & Tina | The Pure Dream | Fort Wayne, IA