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Which CBD OR DELTA-8 Vape Pen Should You Buy?

By Jeffrey M.

Dec 22, 2020

Did you know that, according to a Gallup survey, 1 in 7 adults use CBD products? Add Delta-8-THC hemp products into the mix, and that number is now even higher.


If you’re looking into getting a CBD vape pen, which is one of the ways to consume CBD, you might be wondering about which ones are best, and what to look for in CBD cartridges.

If you’ve already tried other CBD products but it’s your first time thinking of using a vape, then you might have a lot of questions.

















Maybe you’re hesitant to try out vaping, because you’re worried about any potential negative health effects, or you aren’t sure where to find the best quality oil and pen technology. Using a CBD or Delta-8 vape pen is simple and convenient, making it a top choice amongst CBD and D8 users.












There’s a lot of information out there, and it can be confusing, even frustrating, to find the answers to the questions that might arise when choosing a vape. Fortunately, we’ve put together this guide to help you find the right CBD vape pen and CBD cartridges.












After reading this article, you’ll be more confident in your decision on whether to elect vaping for your CBD or Delta-8 needs. Read on to learn more.












What is a CBD Vape Pen?











The first question you might be asking yourself is, “What is a CBD vape pen?” You might also be wondering how it works, where the CBD vape oil goes, and what the different parts of it are that make it possible to turn the oil into vapor.












Let’s break it down. A CBD vape pen is made up of two main components that are used to turn the CBD oil into vapor from.





These parts are the cartridge battery, which powers the vaporizing process, and the cartridge tank and atomizer, which is where you can find a heating coil or wick to heat up the CBD oil that’s in there.





When this heating happens, the CBD oil turns into a vapor, which makes it possible for you to inhale it.






















If you’re used to putting CBD drops into drinks or tea, cooking with it, or simply putting drops straight under your tongue, you can see how a CBD vape pen makes the process much easier. Aside from that, there is a higher bioavailability (abosorption/use by the body) when inhaling CBD, as opposed to eating it since it does not have to pass through the gut. So unlike a bag of CBD gummies, which take around 30-45 minutes to work, the effects of vaporizing CBD or Delta-8-THC are rather immediate. Just like a pen in your pocket, you can carry it with you and take it out whenever a quick puff is needed.












A common use scenario for CBD or Delta-8 is nighttime use. Many customers find that awaking in the middle of the night, or just before bed is a great time to use a vape pen to relax the mind and fall asleep. Edibles such as gummies, pose a problem in these instances if you have already brushed your teeth before bed or are worried about sugar in the gummies if you need something to fall back asleep in the middle of the night. This is just one example of how vaping CBD or D8 can be super convenient.












Pre-Filled Vape Pens versus Vape Oil Pens and Mods











If you’re a new user looking to buy a vape pen, you’re probably wondering whether you want to get a pre-filled vape pen, or a vape oil pen you can fill yourself like a mod. To make this decision, it’s important to know what differentiates them.












Pre-filled CBD vape pens are disposable vape pens that are ready to use right from when you buy them, and typically contain concentrated extract/oil, not “vape juice”. If you’re on the go or traveling somewhere, then this is the perfect choice, since you don’t have to take an extra bottle with you or stop to fill the vape pen up. Though, this is not the only reason disposable cartridges are superior (read on to learn much more).


In many instances new users seek a refillable cartridge or vape device such as a vape mod in an attempt to save money. What they do not realize is that the cartridge / hardware itself is typically very inexpensive for the manufacturer and do not have a great impact on the cost of the product. The Delta-8 or CBD vape would not be reduced by more than a couple of dollars by selling the oil in a bottle for refilling into a non-disposable device.

Disposable CBD cartridges and CBD pens are also calibrated to heat the oil at a low temperature for a smooth cool vapor that is going to keep the cannabinoids and terpenes intact, rather than a “mod” or high powered refillable device with a tank which can result in burning off the cannabinoids – converting and combusting them into unknown compounds and substances.











Vape pen mods are those which you fill yourself. If you’ve used “nictoine juice” or “CBD juice” (sold in bottles) already, and you enjoyed extreme flavors, blowing large clouds, and figuring out what dosage you prefer, then this might be a good choice for you. All mods are going to require a nic salt or vape juice product (instead of a pure CBD hemp oil, hemp distillate or hemp live resin).


These juice products will always be cut with VG, PEG, or PG. The reason for this is that mods, and other non-disposable tank vaping devices, heat the product at a higher temperature than disposable vape cartridges. CBD oil itself cannot be heated this high without some sort of filler because it would be burned off or overheated by the mod. These fillers are not necessary for effects (other than large clouds of smoke) and typically it is ideal to avoid them for health reasons.

Vape juice also can be messy to keep up with when it comes to cleaning your mod pens, and swapping out the coils for new ones is a whole other story when it comes to hassle and expense. In our educated opinion, these refillable pens or mod style devices are suitable for nicotine products, not cannabis or hemp products. If someone tells you different, they likely do not have a good understanding of cannabinoids or our industry. If you can’t tell already, we are biased against “CBD vape juice” products.











If you are buying for the first time you can usually save money and make your life easier by purchasing a CBD oil vape pen starter kit which comes with a 510 thread battery that you can connect any cartridge to in the future.












How to Use Non-Disposable Vape Pens











If you think you prefer using a non-disposable vape pen, then there are some steps you should follow to use it correctly. These steps are different depending on if you’re buying empty cartridges or pre-filled ones. Just for the record, the only “non-disposable” part of a vape pen that we recommend using is the battery.


The battery is the pole that connects to the cartridge to give it the power it needs to produce vapor. This battery is non-disposable, charges by USB (typically) and can be used with more cartridges in the future after you use up all of the oil in a cartridge. If you’re buying pre-filled CBD cartridges you have to screw them onto the vape pen battery. Then, when you’re ready to vape, just inhale or press the button if the battery is not an auto-draw style.











If you’re buying a “non-disposable” vape pen mod or tank that you fill yourself, there are a number of extra steps. As we explained earlier, this type of device only works with “CBD vape juice” products and is actually meant for nicotine vape juice. To use one of these devices, first you’ll want to fill the cartridge with the CBD juice by using a syringe. While you inject the juice, you want to slowly move the syringe in circles, so it spreads thoroughly, instead of simply pressing it all in.












Additionally, you’ll want to ensure you fill the cartridge in such a way that the wicking holes are covered—that way, the vaporization process will work correctly and you aren’t burning the cotton coil (thus inhaling burnt cotton). Once you’ve done this, wait for about half an hour, so that the wicks can soak the vape juice in properly. In our opinion, this is a time consuming, unhealthy, and ridiculous process. But as we stated prior, we are biased 🙂












Keep in mind that if you are using a non-disposable pen / battery with a disposable cartridge, then you’ll also want to:












  • Charge the pen / battery before you use it because otherwise, the vaporization won’t happen, and you’ll have to wait to use it!
  • If you can control the battery with a button, put it at the lowest power first, and move up until you’re enjoying the CBD vapor at the level you prefer with no burning aroma.
  • If the vapor production isn’t as potent as you want it to be, just charge the battery again. Sometimes it still functions but is too low on battery to produce the vaping results you need.











By following these methods, you’ll enjoy your non-disposable vape pen to the fullest.












What To Look for With Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges











Once you understand what different kinds of vape pens there are, and how their parts work, you’re ready to learn what to look for in purchasing a CBD vape pen cartridge and battery.












This is especially important if you’re buying a disposable vape product since you’ll be choosing the cartridge and purchasing more regularly.












Pre-filled vape cartridges are the part of the vape pen that are filled with the vapor oil. Basically all of these cartridges are designed to fit most vape pens (510 thread), so that they’re easy to attach. They’re made of three parts:












  • The atomizer, which is where the heat comes from and makes the CBD oil vaporized
  • The tank/chamber, where the CBD oil vape pen oil sits
  • The mouthpiece, which is where you place your lips so that you inhale











If you’re reading this article, then you probably want to know how to select the best kind of pre-filled vape cartridges. After all, this is something you’re inhaling into your body.





So it’s important that these cartridges work properly, and the CBD oil in them is high-quality.























  • Have the CBD carts been tested for cannabinoid potency plus heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, mycotoxin, and solvents?
  • Does the cartridge contain metal surfaces that touch the oil? Primary Jane has lab tested oil used inside multiple cartridges over our 5 years in business, and we now know that metal materials used in vape cartridges (namely inside the tank where the oil sits) can migrate into the oil and then into your lungs! This is why we only sell vape products in a 100% glass cartridge with a ceramic atomizer – ultimately providing assurance of the purity of our vapor.
  • Does the company offer real cannabis (hemp) terpenes, or botanical? Some customers prefer real strains / canna terps only, while botanical is usually the only offering from CBD or Delta-8 vape products. Primary Jane offers both, allowing consumers to choose what is best for their taste and effects preferences.
  • You might want to determine whether or not there is THC in it, since this could cause an undesired psychoactive feeling or show up in a drug test. Some CBD oil will contain a small amount of THC, namely full spectrum products – keep in mind full spectrum is typically reported as producing the best effect, via the much sought after “entourage effect”.
  • The ingredients used to make it are MINIMAL, safe and natural (hemp oil and terpenes only)
  • There aren’t any of these “cut” ingredients in it: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, medium-chain triglycerides, vitamin E acetate, or polyethylene glycol











By checking out any potential pre-filled vape cartridges this way, you can typically guarantee that you’ll be using a safe product that you can enjoy, without the added anxiety of wondering what it might do to your body.












After all, CBD vape pens for anxiety are supposed to get rid of it, not cause it!












If you’re still feeling nervous, then we’d recommend calling the company in question and talking to someone for further assurance.












Additionally, if you’re looking at pre-filled vape cartridges sold by Primary Jane, you can rest assured that we follow all the steps above and more. It’s important for us to provide the best, most versatile and healthy options out there. We are a small company producing products in small, traceable batches.












Looking to Buy a Vape Pen or Vape Cartridges?











If you’re looking to buy a vape pen or vape cartridges, then you should consider buying from Primary Jane. We have many different options available, including full-spectrum CBD products, CBD vape pens, edibles, and more.












We also have our lab results available online, so you can be sure we’re using the best quality CBD and Delta-8 out there. The value of our products that we offer to everyone from athletes to veterans is paramount. Our CBD Vape pen cartridges are uncut, lab tested for a full panel, and contain higher minor cannabinoids than almost any other on the market today. Our new Live Resin product contains CBDA, Delta-8-THC, and THCO. Live Resin is a class above the rest, extracted from fresh hemp flower without heat, keeping terpenes intact and effects on point.












To learn more about our products, including the CBD Vape Pen, check out our CBD Products page.









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