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CBD VAPE – Understanding Your Options


Mar 8, 2018

Vape Carrier Liquids/Ingredients

CBD vape products come in a variety of options when it comes to ingredients and carrier liquids. What are carrier liquids? They are used to carry the raw cannabinoid extract and diffuse it into a solution that makes for a less potent, sometimes sweeter, and potentially longer lasting vape experience.

CBD vape products are either full spectrum or isolate, and can vary when it comes to quantity of liquid vs. quantity of CBD. Bottled e-liquid CBD products and pre-filled CBD cartridges on the market come in a few forms – VG (vegetable glycerine) based, PG (propylene glycol) based, a combination of the two (VG/PG), or MCT (fractionated coconut oil) based.

Raw/Uncut CBD Vape Products

There is also the obvious choice of vaping CBD in its raw form – CBD isolates / dabs or full spectrum CBD distillate. When CBD is isolated it is separated from all the other compounds in the plant – terpenes, flavonoids, lipids, other cannabinoids, etc it is marketed and sold as “CBD isolate”, “CBD iso-terp”, “CBD dabs”.

An isolate was once thought to be a superior and more concentrated product when compared to full spectrum CBD.  This theory has since been proven to be the opposite. The reason some folks may still choose an isolate is that there is a guarantee of 0% THC which would ensure a negative result on drug testing. Full spectrum hemp CBD products may contain up to 0.3% THC. While this should not be nearly enough for a positive drug test, it is not able to be guaranteed.

In its uncut form, the problem with using a hemp extract for vaping in an oil cartridge conveniently is that it typically turns to a solid crystal form at room temperature, making it difficult to vape without heating the cartridge with preheating options (available on some vape pens) or by using a hairdryer.

Primary Jane has created a product called PJ Pure with no carrier liquids – only strain specific plant-derived terpenes taste great and have a very high amount of full spectrum CBD per puff compared to the competition. Research terpenes and you will better understand why they are not only a flavoring agent, but a desired additive for CBD products.

PJ Pure’s crystal resistant distillate stays in a liquid form in all weather conditions. Eliminating the carrier liquids also means there is less of a need to vape as often or as much at once. There is also less of a risk for any long term health issues that these carrier liquids may some day be determined to cause. PJ Pure is available in 0.5ml or 1ml CBD cartridges for sale. Our cartridges are high end – all glass with a ceramic atomizer to heat the oil, containing no metal surfaces ever touching the oil, preventing any chance of metal leaching.

PG (Propylene Glycol) Based

PG is probably the most widely used and well-known carrier liquid for vaporizing, including the more common nicotine e-juice products. Many believe there is nothing concerning or harmful about vaporizing PG. We hate to be repetitive, but as with many of the other carrier liquids in vape products on the market, there are likely not enough studies done to prove or disprove that there are long-term health concerns associated with vaping PG.

There is some information from Project CBD’s article as to why propylene glycol is not an ideal choice for your health. According to the article, PG is a syrupy, thinning compound, and is also the primary ingredient in a majority of nicotine-infused e-cigarette solutions. At high temperatures, propylene glycol converts into tiny polymers that can wreak havoc on lung tissue. 

Scientists know a great deal about propylene glycol. It is found in a plethora of common household items—cosmetics, baby wipes, pharmaceuticals, pet food, antifreeze, etc. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada have deemed propylene glycol safe for human ingestion and topical application. But exposure by inhalation is another matter. Many things are safe to eat but dangerous to breathe.

MCT (Fractionated Coconut Oil) Based

The use of MCT oil as a carrier in vape products has become a new fad, however, there is talk that vaping MCT oil can cause lipid pneumonia when vaporized into the lungs. Though no official studies have been conducted on the health effects of vaporizing MCT oil as a solvent, it is understood in the food industry that MCT oil is not intended for cooking because it has an extremely low smoking point. Concerns about MCT smoke to breaking down into carcinogens when heated above the smoking point may raise some red flags for vapers…


Most, if not all, CBD vape products using MCT are cartridges which have a very small amount of MCT oil (much less than the amount of PG and VG used in those vape products), likely not nearly enough to cause any health concerns. Cartridges also connect to low powered 510 thread batteries and limit the high temperatures that are associated with vaping using a Sub-Ohm vape mod or Sub-Ohm vape pen.

VG (Vegetable Glycerine) Based

When it comes to vaporizing VG, we believe it to be the safest carrier liquid of the three. VG comes in USP and food grade. CBD products with a VG base should be USP grade.  VG is sweet by nature, vapes very smooth, and produces lovely big clouds of vapor upon exhale.

While VG seems to have a better outlook for health concerns, there are not enough studies to prove that it is safe. We recommend customers stay away from “CBD vape juice” products and look for vape products that have no carrier liquids whatsoever. An ingredient list containing only terpenes and hemp/CBD extract is what should be on your radar.

Whatever vape product you choose, be sure to check off some quality concerns and needs from your list:

✔ No metals in the carts?

✔ Full Spectrum?

✔ Organically Grown?

✔ Carrier Liquid Concerns?

✔ Any Artificial Colors or Flavors? 

Even as a manufacturer and retailer of CBD vape products, we will admit that there are still not enough studies done on these (or on any vape product in general) to determine whether or not there are any long-term health concerns. Please vape at your own risk.



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