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What’s the Best Vape Cartridge? Answers About Organic Vape Cartridges

By Jeffrey M.

Oct 24, 2020

Do you know what you’re inhaling into your lungs? Whether you’ve just started vaping or have been an enthusiast for some time, you should be aware of the ingredients and ratios of the products you’re inhaling. Even the best vape cartridge lists all of this information on their packaging.

But instead of scanning through a list of words that you might not understand, you could always opt for an organic option. Like the food at the grocery store, an organic CBD vape pen must meet the same standards set by the USDA. Not only does this mean these products are created naturally, but it also reduces the number of harmful ingredients entering your body.

So, where do you locate these items, and what makes them so good? Well, allow us to explain without blowing any smoke (no pun intended.)

What Are the Requirements for an Organic CBD Vape Cartridge?

In order for something to receive an organic label, it must meet certain criteria set out by the USDA. These standards include:

  • The hemp grown follows all USDA organic regulations and the farm is overseen by a USDA certified agent of the National Organic Program
  • The products are grown using specific natural methods
  • The products are produced using the allowed substances

In more specific terms, plants defined as organic can’t be grown using any chemical herbicides or fertilizers that aren’t 100% natural. All organic CBD vape cartridges should have no carrier liquid such as vegetable glycerin (VG for short), propylene glycol (PG), or Medium Chain Tryglycerols (MCT) derived from coconut oil. Also, organic products can not contain any additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or synthetic flavors. Of course, 3rd party lab testing for microbials, solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides is also a must.

What Is Propylene Glycol (PG)?

Propylene glycol is synthetic and a by-product of petroleum. Though it is recognized as safe to inhale, it’s not considered organic, as it is extracted in a way that doesn’t meet the National Organic Program’s criteria.

PG is popular with nicotine vapers as the ingredient provides a similar sensation to smoking tobacco products, often referred to as a throat hit. The element is tasteless and odorless, so it doesn’t change the flavor at all. It also flows easily and absorbs quickly into the cotton wick.

What Is Vegetable Glycerin (VG)?

VG is also recognized as safe to ingest as it’s extracted from vegetable oil. It’s responsible for giving vape clouds their sweetness and large white-cloud thickness. It also provides a smoother hit compared to propylene glycol.

Vegetable glycerin is a favorite amongst new vapers as it doesn’t scratch the throat as much. It’s also a lot sweeter in taste. However, it is a thicker liquid and does require a bit of extra cleaner to avoid your CBD vape pen from getting clogged.

What Is Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT)?

Medium-chain triglycerides are triglycerides with two or three fatty acids having an aliphatic tail of 6–12 carbon atoms, i.e., medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). Common food sources for the extraction of MCTs include coconut oil and palm kernel oil. Although MCT is safe to consume as a food, it is not always safe to consume through inhalation. One reason for this is that MCT has a very low smoking point. When any oil turns to smoke, there is the possibility for converstion of compounds and combustion, causing the release of toxins. Another reason is that MCT is a fatty acid oil which can build up in the tiny pockets of the lungs causing lipid pnemonia. Though most CBD vape cartridges containing MCT do not contain enough of the fatty acids to cause such illness, it is worth noting that the possibility is concerning.

Not all vape products marketed as ‘pure CBD’ vape oil is MCT-free, in fact, it’s used in many sold today . When you’re checking through the list of ingredients, choosing to avoid CBD vape pens containing MCT is in your best interest.

Which Ingredients Make the Best Vape Cartridge?

An organic pure CBD vape product should not contain any added ingredients other than natural terpenes derived from botanical sources, be it cannabis or other plants. Terpenes, essentially essential oils, are safe to inhale and can be derived from popular strains of cannabis or extracted from other plant sources and blended together to mimic the same terpene profile as any known cannabis strain. Terpenes can produce desirable, distinct and strong flavors without the presence of unnatural substances.

Terpenes provide an organic vape cartridge with not only its flavorings, but also its effects. Terpenes are what give cannabis products their relaxing (indica) or uplifting (sativa) effects. They are present in the fruits and plant-based food we eat. Take a minute to think about how strong of a scent your hands will be left with after peeling an orange. This is due to the fact that orange peels contain a high concentration of limonene – a terpene commonly found in organic CBD vape products. Terpenes should be the only ingredient added to your CBD vape pen product.

Avoiding a carrier liquid is not always an easy or low cost task for the manufacturer. Adding MCT, VG, or PG to CBD isolate or a full spectrum CBD oil is as simple as blending at the desired ratio and capping it off. Distilling CBD hemp oil in a way to develop a crystal-resistant form of distillate is a process that even some of the largest CBD manufacturers are still struggling to understand. We have an organic CBD vape product that is free of carrier liquids and is still able to resist crystallization.

Should You Use Organic Products?

It’s common knowledge that organic produce has several health benefits. However, testing continues to see if the current organic vape cartridges for sale offer the same advantages.

The decision to use organic alternatives is a personal preference. However, it’s widely considered a safer product compared to cheaper options due to the ingredients used and the steps taken to produce the CBD vapes.

Another vote of confidence is the cost of these products. Organic cartridges are often more expensive than the non-organic products. This is due to suppliers needing to obtain the required certifications, pay for full-panel lab result certificates, distilling the product several times to produce a crystal-resistant oil that does not require a carrier liquid (such as the aforementioned PG, VG, and MCT), and all of the other necessary steps to label their items as organic.

If you’re not a believer in the benefits of clean organic products, then the best vape cartridge will not convince you otherwise. But, if you want some assurance over the ingredients you’re inhaling into your body are as safe as can be, then you can feel more confident with a CBD vape oil cartridge marked with an organic label – if there is some proof in the pudding.

Where Can You Get Organic CBD Products?

Sourcing organic CBD vape oil often requires finding a provider that is sourcing or cultivating its product in accordance with the USDA criteria. However, finding the best vape cartridge can be made easy by viewing a full-panel lab result.

Although the USDA is not granting certifications for vape products, all of our CBD products are produced in line with organic practices – and we can back it up with proof. They contain no chemical herbicides, synthetic sprays, or pesticides. We even include as QR code on each product label that links to our full-panel 3rd party laboratory results so you can get the assurance you need that our products are what we say they are. Our organic CBD vape cartridges are also produced in small batches, each of which is traceable to the lab result for that batch. Unlike other brands, our lab tests show results for not only CBD potency, but for pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxin, microbials, and solvents as well.

So there’s no need to search any further. Head to our product page now for our full range of organic vape cartridges or check out our Lab Results to see for yourself!



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