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How to Use Honey Dust CBD

By Jeffrey M.

May 2, 2021

There’s no doubt about it, CBD has exploded onto the market. More people than ever are using cannabidiol to treat their pain, anxiety, and other medical conditions. The stigma around CBD is lower than it ever was before, and it’s now used by people of all ages. That being said, you may not have heard of edible honey dust.

If you’re a CBD user yourself, you’re always looking for the greatest product to heal you. Pure CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD are some of the most popular options.

It sounds unlikely, but dried honey dust CBD is one of the hottest new CBD products that’s sure to sweep the market. This article will walk you through all you need to know about this great new type of CBD. 

What is Honey Dust?

Honey dust — or honey powder — is a dehydrated form of honey ground into a fine powder and mixed with different types of stabilizers. You can think of it as similar to powdered milk. Its texture is similar to that of cornflour, and its color ranges from white to a yellowish-whitish custard-like color. 

Honey Dust Benefits

Honey dust has many uses outside of CBD. It provides all of the benefits of honey — such as the lack of risk for diabetes as opposed to sugar — while not retaining the signature honey taste.  

Honey dust is also known for not crystalizing. It’s used in baking — an alternative to sugar that adds moisture to a recipe. 

Honey dust is also used in cosmetics, in various soaps, scrubs, facial masks, bath teas, milk baths, and bath bombs. Honey has natural benefits on human skin. 

It is more pure and refined than your standard type of honey, which means that it’s sweeter. You don’t need to use too much if it to get the honey effect you desire. 

The Honey CBD Connection

Honey and CBD are both natural substances that people work into their lives to heal various ailments.

Honey can be good for everything from lowering blood pressure, to help wound healing, check out this article for some surprising health benefits. CBD is known for its ability to reduce acne, pain, anxiety, and help with epilepsy. On top of this, CBD has also started to be worked into many cosmetic products.

While they’re very different externally, there are many similar qualities to CBD and honey. It makes that people looking to heal themselves in a natural, eco-friendly way would consider a product that combines honey and CBD. 

What is Honey Dust CBD

Honey dust CBD is a product that’s had CBD infused into it.

Consider our Edible Honey Dust CBD + CBD product. Our product promises to provide an organic, relaxing experience while staying free of heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides.

We boast only three simple ingredients — Pure Clover Honey, CBD Isolate, and CBG Isolate. CBG is a minor cannabinoid, which will work with the CBD to create an “entourage effect” — an effect greater than the sum of its parts. 

A serving of three teaspoons will give you a dose of 25 milligrams of CBD, surely enough to relieve pain or anxiety. There are several ways you can use your honey dust CBD. 


If you’re making something that requires sugar, consider using our honey dust product instead. This will kill two birds with one stone, providing you a healthier option and with a helpful dose of CBD. Your body and mind will surely thank you for treating it so kindly and naturally. 

Another option is to simply use honey dust CBD that way you would honey or sugar. This is once again a two-birds-with-one-stone scenario because you can experiment to see if you like it better as a honey substitute or sugar substitute. Its honey-esque properties make it a good option for tea, but its similarity to sugar makes honey dust coffee a great option as well. 

It’s not just for hot drinks, however. Consider sprinkling your new favorite sweetener onto caramel, yogurt, or granola snacks, to provide yourself with a tasty, all-natural treat. 

This next idea might sound a little daring, but we’ve heard it works. You can work your honey dust CBD into a salad dressing for you to enjoy your great natural salads with!

Because of both honey and CBD’s use in cosmetics, this product is perfect for anybody who makes their own cosmetic products. Consider making yourself a honey dust CBD face mask, to gain the natural benefits on your skin. 

If you’re coming down with a cold, honey is one of the best things you can eat. Creating a honey dust/CBD cough syrup could be just what you need to beat the sickness. 


Honey dust CBD is a relatively new product — we don’t even know all of the great effects it might have. The taste is somewhere between sugar and honey, so you’re going to need to figure out for yourself how it works best. 

Consider keeping a recipe book, so you can write down your founding and later make your friends your favorite honey dust recipe.

A Sweeter Option

CBD is taking over the world as we know it. Honey dust is a wonderful take on a classic. We’ve combined the old world and the new world together with our Edible Honey Dust CBD product — and we think you’re going to like the results.  

Once you understand what honey dust is, benefits, and the advantages of CBD, you’re on your way to achieving your sweet CBD dreams.

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