Organic CBD Vape Pen Cartridge | PJ PURE Distillate – 0.5ml 300mg UNCUT (NO PG, PEG, VG, MCT)


For a vape experience like no other, try our Primary Jane PJ Pure CBD hemp distillate vape cartridges. Crafted in small batches and traceable by batch number, 3rd party lab tested, uncut CBD distillate – just natural plant derived terpenes with a 300mg phyto-cannabinoid rich hemp extract. SUBSCRIBE for monthly recurring shipments and save 15% on each order – NO hidden fees! View subscription terms by clicking here.

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Blue Zkittles

This indica strain emits a smooth blue raspberry fragrance upon exhale with calming sedative effects, making it the perfect end-of-day strain. Blue Zkittles is a nice match for restlessness and unease.

Ekto Kooler

This hybrid strain packs a vibrant orange citrus punch with some wonderful uplifting and euphoric effects. Ekto Kooler is a refreshing go-to “anytime” strain.

Strawberry Cough

A sativa dominant strain that possesses a strong nose of strawberry & pine with notes of pepper. The effects of our strawberry cough inhibit a sense of focus and energy making it a great daytime profile.

Forbidden Fruit

Our Forbidden Fruit is a customer favorite Indica strain. These terpenes come through with a noticeable cherry & grapefruit flavor intertwined with notes of cedar and herbs. Forbidden fruit provokes a sense of relaxation and soothing effects.

Organic CBD Vape Pen Cartridge | PJ PURE Distillate – 0.5ml 300mg UNCUT (NO PG, PEG, VG, MCT)


Primary Jane’s Organic CBD Oil Vape Pen Cartridge is truly unlike any other. We aim to provide you with the highest quality hemp products from meticulous, crafty growers who take utmost care of the plants from the time the seed is buried in organic soil until it makes its way to you! All of our premium grade CBD hemp is independently lab tested to ensure its legal nature.

Includes: 0.5ml vape cartridge (battery & charger not included)

Ingredients: full spectrum hemp distillate (organically grown hemp), botanical terpenes, hemp terpenes.

Dosage information: 8 inhalations = Approx. 14mg of active cannabinoids; About 180 puffs per 0.5ml cartridge.

We 3rd party lab test our distillate for Vitamin E Acetate, Cannabinoids, Pesticides, Heavy Metals, Solvents, Microbials, and Terpenes.


What is the total CBD milligram amount in this product?

While the total active CBD content for the current batch is testing at around 288mg/0.5 gram, we display the milligrams of each minor cannabinoid (CBN, CBC, CBG, CBDV) on our product as well, for an approximate TOTAL of 300mg. These minor cannabinoids are very important and have shown to have equal and sometimes greater effects than CBD itself. There are also many other unidentified cannabinoids natural to the plant that are present in our distillate.

500mg Net Wt. of oil = 300mg of identified cannabinoids ... What does the other 200mg consist of if there is no “Cut”?

We use around 5% plant derived terpenes that provide strain specific flavor and effects. The additional 45% content in our vape cartridges consists of other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavanoids, and molecules - all from the original hemp plant. In whole hemp plant extracts (which this is based off of) there are approximately 500 trace compounds. We do not cut our distillate with thickeners or other carrier liquids commonly seen on the market. We have truly developed a proprietary method of extraction utilizing distillation and liquid chromatography that allows for stability of viscous oil with no crystallization!

How Is Our PJ Pure Organic CBD Oil Vape Pen Distillate Superior?

  • NO carrier liquids NO cutting agents (PG, PEG, MCT, VG, Vitamin E, "Honey Cut", etc.)
  • Much higher minor cannabinoids than competitor CBD vape products (CBN, CBC, CBDV, CBG)
  • Thick, viscous consistency due to purity
  • Flavored with strain specific, triple distilled GMP/ISO 9001 compliant & FDA approved terpenes for flavor and noticeable effects
  • Our distillate is winterized for removal of lipids and cuticle parts that can be harmful to inhale
  • Distilled from non-GMO USA organically grown hemp
  • Below 0.3% THC, compliant with the U.S. Farm Bill
  • Full spectrum, phyto-cannabinoid rich extract to deliver the "entourage effect"
  • Lab Tests for a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes with very low or trace amounts of THC
  • Crafted in small batches and traceable by batch number
  • Terpene profile card insert included (displays terpene breakdown)
  • 100% pure and organic CBD vape pen cartridge

Why our ceramic cell vape cartridges are better:

  • Oil touches the lead-free copper constructed interior/body and glass only - copper does not corrode, and there are no heavy metals to migrate into the vape oil
  • Wickless ceramic cell vape technology provides the best vape possible with no leaks
  • Borosilicate glass tank
  • 510 universal threading

VAPING NOTICE: Although PJ Pure is UNCUT, our hemp is organically grown, and it is 3rd party lab tested for impurities ... we still feel responsible to remind our customers that there are not enough studies done on ANY vape product (CBD or nicotine) to determine whether or not there are any long term health concerns. That being said, the recent short-term health risks associated with vaping are related to an illicit material being put into THC carts being sold on the street. Our products do not pose a risk and we never cut our products with anything except 5% terpenes that are triple distilled and created by an FDA certified GMP/ISO 9000 company.

RETURN POLICY:  We accept returns and exchanges on vape cartridges if the tamper seal on the plastic tube is still intact. If the seal has been tampered with, we cannot accept returns/exchanges unless there is a cartridge failure issue or similar problem. Our cartridges are some of the highest quality vape carts on the market and rarely fail, however, if by chance there is an operational issue with your cartridge then please email us and we will do our best to facilitate.

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