Can I cancel or suspend a product subscription?

Yes. Once you have purchased a monthly subscription to one of our products you will be able to log into your account via the My Account page where you can manage your subscription. You have the ability to suspend (for any given time) or cancel the subscription, as well as view when the next payment/order will occur, the amount, etc.

Are there any contracts or cancelation fees?

No. We are not locking you into any contracts or charging you a fee for suspending or canceling your subscription!

What happens if my subscription product goes out of stock or becomes a discontinued product or strain/flavor?

Especially when it comes to hemp flower and vape strains, we will change and discontinue occasionally. If the subscription product you chose is discontinued, you will be notified by e-mail, your subscription will cancel automatically, and you will not be charged for any further orders.

In regard to changes of strains, there are times we may change a discontinued product hemp flower strain to another, and you may be shipped/converted to a different strain for your subscription. If this is something that you are unhappy with please contact us and we can solve this for you, or you can cancel your subscription easily in your account profile.

I am a part of your veteran program, and have a 25% off code. Can I use it on top of the subscription discount?

All active coupon codes (veteran or otherwise) will apply to the first order only. All future recurring orders will be charged the displayed subscription price, and will not add any other discounts onto those orders.

What about information changes like canceled credit cards, change of shipping address, etc.?

You would need to log into your account and update your payment type associated with the subscription. WooCommerce Subscriptions displays a set of action buttons below each subscription’s details on the My Account > View Subscription page. A subscriber can use these buttons to:

  • Cancel or Suspend an active subscription
  • Reactivate a suspended subscription
  • Resubscribe an expired or canceled subscription
  • Pay for a renewal order when the automatic recurring payment failed or the subscription uses manual renewals
  • Change the Payment Method used for automatic recurring payments
  • Change Address for subscriptions. There are two methods a customer can use to update their address:
    1. Update the shipping address for one subscription; or…
    2. Update the shipping and/or billing addresses for all subscriptions.

The PJ Pure vape product has multiple flavors. Can I choose a new flavor each month of my subscription?

Unfortunately there is no way for us to set this up automatically. If you sign up for a subscription product with a flavor or size choice, a new invoice will be generated monthly with that same flavor/size. If you notice the order confirmation e-mail come through during your recurring months and would like to call or e-mail us to request another flavor, we can always accommodate that for you!

Have other questions about our product subscriptions?

E-mail us at and we will answer within 24 hours (M-F).