Vitalize Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures

Vitalize Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures



CBD (cannabidiol) drops and/or CBD tincture are widely and predominantly used CBD supplements compared to other forms of hemp oil products. Along with CBD, other cannabinoids can be found in hemp oil tinctures such as CBN, CBC, CBG, CBDV, CBL and <0.3% THC. These cannabinoids work synergistically with greater power. Full spectrum tinctures can also be an excellent source of naturally occurring hemp plant molecules occurring terpenes, lipids, ketones, flavanoids, glycosides, and chlorophyll. Primary Jane offers the most premium quality full spectrum CBD tincture – VITALIZE, which is offered in 4 flavors – firemint, peppermint, wild berry, and natural (or flavorless). We add natural oils like organic MCT oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, and natural berry flavor to flavor our CBD tincture. There are no added sweeteners. Vitalize CBD drops are a gluten free low-calorie abundant source of cannabinoids and other hemp plant molecules and vitamins. During extraction and formulation, we focus on spiking minor cannabinoids to achieve a measurable amount of CBG, CBC, CBDV, CBN, and CBL. The resulting oil is a phyto-cannabinoid rich product with more noticeable results than other brands on the market.

CBD oil drops have a long shelf life and remain an unmatched choice of convenience in the CBD marketspace. VITALIZE CBD products available at Primary Jane can be consumed orally by placing one or two droppers full (1ml)  beneath the tongue and leaving the hemp CBD drops there for about 30-60 seconds before swallowing for the best bioavailability. Arteries and salivary glands beneath the tongue absorb the CBD tincture rapidly into the bloodstream giving results within about 30 minutes. Customers will find a variance in how much CBD oil they need to consume in order to see the desired results. Body weight, absorption, and general tolerance to hemp oil will play a role in your dose. Please start with around 20mg of CBD and increase from there as needed. We are finding that a low to moderate dose is about 20-30mg twice per day (morning and night), and if a more potent dose is desired then 40-50mg is recommended. Our VITALIZE drops have marked droppers for .25ml-1ml for ease of CBD oil measurements.

600MG – 1ml = about 20mg of CBD + 1.5MG of minor cannabinoids

1200MG – 1ml = about 40mg of CBD + 1.5MG of minor cannabinoids


Primary Jane offers a variety of flavors of our full spectrum VITALIZE CBD tincture for sale within our product list above. Our VITALIZE CBD products have a full range of cannabinoids and contain many of the wholesome essential terpenes, ketones, flavanoids, and other molecules of the original hemp plant – hence the term “full spectrum CBD.” We combine our organically grown USA New England hemp oil with organic coconut oil (MCT) and added cinnamon, peppermint, or berry extracts for the most natural and tasty CBD drops on the market today. VITALIZE CBD drops are available to consumers in a 600mg or 1200mg full spectrum CBD glass dropper bottle, marked with measurements for ease of dosing. Primary Jane Vitalize is an MCT oil based tincture rich in a full spectrum of phyto-cannabinoids including CBD. The term “tincture” may lead you to believe that it is alcohol based by definition, however, VITALIZE is solvent-free. In the world of hemp products, “CBD Tincture” is a term that means a mix of any carrier oil along with hemp oil. Rest assured, Primary Jane VITALIZE is the absolute best CBD hemp oil at an affordable price. Visit our Lab Results page to see the results on pesticides, heavy metals, terpenes, and cannabinoids in our products.


Inside all mammals is a system that maintains the homeostasis of our bodies – the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). To learn more about your ECS, cannabinoid receptors, and the substances that stimulate them please do your own research. We are not at liberty to make any scientific or medical claims about our products or CBD in general.

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