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Delta-8-THC edibles are now more accessible than ever after an enormous influx of these products into the market. With so many to choose from, it’s important to find a brand you can truly trust. Primary Jane stands out in this saturated market with Delta 8 edibles that contain all natural, simple ingredients carefully sourced – from organic hemp farms to superfruit-rich tropics and small batch honey hives. With a unique and exclusive CBD edible and Delta-8-THC edible product line, Primary Jane products shine as the most premium small batch products with full panel lab tests and clean, simple, natural ingredients.

Pure HYDRO (CBD) and Pure HYDR8 (D8) are our new exclusive electrolyte drink mix products formulated and created in-house. This coconut water based drink mix is unlike anything you have ever tasted/experienced before. With an abundance of superfruits such as dragon fruit, grapefruit, monk fruit, and coconut water, these drinks are hydrating, natural, and healthy way to chill out and replenish your electrolytes after a workout or throughout the day. Pure HYDRO is an un-carbonated drink that contains nano full spectrum CBD along with adaptogens such as L-Theanine and GABA for a super relaxing experience.  Pure HYDR8 is a fizzy euphoric eletrolyte drink with the same ingredients, minus the adaptogens, but fizzing with bubbles, electrolytes, and natural sweetness! This product is great for hydration and provokes a chill, psychoactive experience that can replace alcohol use in social situations. We do not add any sugars, unnatural colors, or other synthetic ingredients to these products. Natural potassium and magnesium from the coconut water, along with pink Himalayan sea salt, allows for an electrolyte restoring and a soul-satisfying experience.

Our Nano D8 Honey Dust consists of 3 simple and natural ingredients – dehydrated clover honey with pure nano emulsified Delta-8-THC and organic acacia tree gum. Our D8 Honey Dust is a unique product in the D8 / CBD space – no other brand offers our no-mess powdered CBD or Delta8 honey dust that melts directly in your mouth. It also pairs wonderfully with, coffee, tea, oatmeal, smoothies and other food products that you might wish to sweeten simply and naturally while obtaining a relaxing euphoric feeling. Our Honey Dust is infused with lab tested full spectrum nano emulsified CBD or nano D8 for the most bioavailable cannabinoids possible. 

Additionally, our EUPHORIA D8 gummies are among the best tasting gummies on the market, still boasting our all natural and vegan features. These gummies are 25mg each in 15 piece packs, made without artificial colors or flavors. Our Peaches and Berries flavor options are crafted with real fruit juice concentrate and have distinct bold flavors. EUPHORIA’s name defines the super strong effects that this gummy produces. New users try 1/2 of a gummy at first to test your tolerance to these Delta-8-THC gummies.

What is Nano Delta-8?

You might be asking yourself, “what is nano CBD and nano Delta-8-THC?” While the process to producing these products can be rather complex, the answer can be simply explained. Nano refers to the size of the cannabinoid (CBD or D8) molecules. Nano means tiny, and in this case, tiny is a good thing! To explain further, delta-8, CBD, and other cannabinoids have a molecule size that is too large. This means it cannot easily enter the blood stream and much of what you consume will end up processing through the gut, rendering it useless. Nano emulsifying these molecules encapsulates them at a tiny size, increasing the bioavailability (absorption into the bloodstream) by up to 10x. This means nano products are more powerful than non-nano products. That being said, nano emulsification can have its downfalls – there are a lot of products produced unnaturally to render them nano. Primary Jane uses one ingredient for our nano emulsification – USDA organic acacia tree gum. This natural and organic gum extract allows for nano emulsifying the D8 or CBD without artificial and overly processed ingredients. Nano CBD and Nano Delta-8-THC are also water soluble, unlike their original forms which are oil based so our Honey Dust and Pure Hydr8 mix effortlessly into water or other liquids.


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