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All Glass Tank = No Metal Leaching

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Not Your Average CBD Disposable Vape Pens …

✔️Authentic Live Resin

When it comes to CBD disposable vape pens, Primary Jane’s Pure GOLD 2 gram live resin pen is a shining star. We aren’t just tooting our own horn for nothing. Pure GOLD is an authentic live resin extract from exotic indoor hemp plants. Our live resin captures the plant’s original aromatic compounds, called terpenes, which deliver a dank cannabis scent and better effects: sativa, indica, hybrid. Pure GOLD is unlike other live resin vape products for its authentic nature as opposed to live resin terpenes infused into CBD distillate, like most others on the market.

✔️ All Glass tank CBD disposable vape pens – No Metal Leaching

Our CBD disposable vape pens do not contain a metal center post. Just like our original Pure GOLD CBD cartridges, Pure GOLD disposable pens have no metals touching the oil. This means, there is no chance for metal leaching, for the purest vape possible.

✔️ Small Batch, Full Panel Lab Tested

Our CBD disposable vape pens are lab tested for a full panel of contaminants and potency. We grow, extract, and fill in small batches. This keeps the quality of the product under tight control and allows us to craft the best oils possible. Each batch can be traced via the batch number, and the lab result can be found by linking to our lab results page by scanning the QR code on your product.

✔️ Unparalled CBD Disposable Hardware

Our CBD disposable vape pen hardware is top of the line. The shell features an aluminum black metal casing with our signature Pure GOLD logo. The plastic mouthpiece provides temperature comfort without the risk of plastic ever touching the oil. As stated prior, we eliminated the metal center post to avoid any risk of metals leaching into the oil, so your oil only ever touches glass before passing into the ceramic atomizer to be vaporized.

Pure GOLD CBD disposable vape pens feature a button to turn the product on (5 clicks) as well as the ability to preheat your oil, thinning it for better flow if a clog presents itself. The disposable pen is also rechargeable via USB-C cable if it happens to run out of battery life before the oil is gone.

✔️ 5 Star Rated Live Resin

Shop with confidence, knowing that our CBD disposable vape pens feature the same live resin used in our Pure GOLD cartridges, rated 5 stars by verified buyers. Our disposable pens are a new product, we expect direct reviews for the disposable to flow in soon enough.


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